Crystals & Minerals


Amplifies, purifies, conductive, emotional balancer, dispels negativity
We stock a large variety of quartz clusters from Arkansas and Brazil -- polished quartz points in many sizes, laser wands from Brazil, quartz spheres, vogel healing wands, and pocket stones.


Aids kidneys and circulatory system, reduces stress, enhances self-confidence
Voted most popular! A wide selection of rose quartz includes pocket & tumbled stones, carved hearts, tiny Brazilian clusters, rough specimens 1" to 10 lbs. Spheres, polished crystal points, animal carvings, and jewelry.


Energizer, purifies & regenerates on all levels of consciousness, enhances psychic abilities, calming
We stock a variety of amethyst from affordable clusters to large geodes. Polished crystals from Brazil, natural crystal points, tumbled stones, and a lot of jewelry set with amethyst, one of my favorites.


Reduces stress, relaxing, accelerates growth, aids creative expression
A selection of Madagascar geodes. Beautiful blue color.


Releases tension & anxiety, augments strength, vitality, virility, mental clarity
Spheres, carvings, pockets stones, carved hearts.


Alleviates fear, reduces stress, emotionally balancing, grounds excess energy, increases capacity for joy, lightness
Calcite comes in many forms -- natural, cubed, clusters, rough specimens, golden calcite spears from China, carved hearts, polished specimens.


Aids depression, relaxing, grounding, centering, enhances dream awareness and channeling abilities
We stock many specimens from Brazil. Elestials, large natural & polished crystals, small natural points from California, tumbled stones, and wands.


Alleviates fears, guilt, tension, helps clear subconscious imbalances, aids creative expression
Copper-based mineral, beautiful shades of blue and green. Rough specimens, tumbled stones, jewelry.


Energizer, purifies & regenerates on all levels of consciousness, enhances psychic abilities, calming
An amazing amethyst configuration. We carry clusters of various sizes.


Facilitates clear meditation, cuts through illusion, enhances psychic abilities, initiates transformation.
Natural azurite specimens from Arizona.


Reduces stress & tension, strengthens heart, aids sleep, vitalizing for body/mind
Mineral specimens, spheres, carved hearts, tumbled stones, jewelry.


Volcanic glass -- absorbs, disperses negative engergies, grounding, centering
Spheres, tumbled stones, Apache tears, rough specimens.


Handy for pocket or travel
Over 100 stones to choose from, the perfect sizes for pocket, purse, or medicine bag. From agates to jaspers to garnets to turqouise. Pocket stones' flatter shapes make them easy to carry and a perfect smoothness for focusing. Agates, jaspers, onyx, quartz, rose quartz....


Focus, concentration, clears excess energy
A great selection of fluorite from China, beautiful mixes of green & purple. Spheres, wands, points, jewelry.

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